Alizeh Shah looks so adorable in yellow t-shirt

Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah is one of the most talented young actors who shot to fame in a considerably brief span. Beyond her acting skills, the big and beautiful eyes and flawless skin of Alizeh are a huge attraction for the fans.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actress is an active social media user who keeps uploading her fresh snaps, almost on a daily basis, for her fans and followers.

From Eastern wear to Western clothing, she knows how to rock every attire. This is why she always looks gorgeous whatever she wears. No wonder she has become a style icon for many youngsters in Pakistan and beyond.

Look at this colorful picture which Alizeh Shah shared a few days ago with the caption: “Sometimes it’s not the sun we look at its the person who is not less than light.” 

Now see how adorable Alizeh Shah looks in this jeans and white t-shirt.

Recently, the actress uploaded some pictures of herself on her Instagram account where she was seen wearing a yellow t-shirt and reading the book “The places I’ve cried in public”.

Have a look at one of the latest pictures of Alizeh Shah!

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