Another Humaima Malick kiss that made some people hiss


Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malick shared some pictures on her Instagram two months ago from a birthday party of a friend that largely went unnoticed at the time.

But a few news websites yesterday published brief articles about a particular photo from that party that raised quite a good number of eyebrows.

In that photo, the actress, who once faced a strong backlash for a controversial Indian movie scene, is kissing her friend Ammara Hikmat to wish her birthday.

As per the social norms of the country, there’s nothing wrong per se in a woman kissing a woman friend to express their love and affection. But the passion and the fashion visible in that particular photo is something that could make imagination wild.
And, probably, Humaima Malick was quite aware of it as she had turned off comments on that photo.

Humaima had uploaded the photos with a caption: “Thankyou [sic] for being you, one girl I can trust in anytime with anything, Thankyou for being so crazy you, being super funny and as chattkhooriii [food lover] as I am we share same love for Mirchain, masalay [chilies and spices] haha …. Thankyou for the trust you have on me and Thankyou also for being so unpredictable agar tum paida nah hoti tu Mera Kia hota larkiiiii [What would happened of me if you were not born] I miss you hazar saal jiyo Khush raho [Long live and be happy].”

Here’s that particular Humaima Malick kiss photo, which has gained attention of both her fans and haters.

Some people are especially offended by this suggestive photo of Humaima because, according to them, she’s a ‘history sheeter’.

In 2014, her kissing scene with Indian actor Emraan Hashmi for their upcoming Bollywood film Raja Natwarlal had created quite a storm for her back home. Some even dubbed her as the new Controversy Queen of the country after Veena Malik.

But Humaima Malick, who was 26 at the time, had expressed her willingness to take the risk.

She told the Press Trust of India (PTI), “I made myself strong with the thought that talent has no religion. It was just a role. I have made my country proud as I was nominated for Best Actress for Bol across several countries and won award at the London Asian Film Festival”.

“I am sure that people in Pakistan will support me. There will be people who will criticize me, but if I take them seriously, I won’t be able to do a lot of things in my career,” she has said.

Humaima Malick also said her kissing scene ‘went really well’ thanks to Imran Hashmi who is an ‘expert kisser’. She also pointed out that Mr Hashmi himself has a huge fan following in Pakistan.

Before going to Bollywood, the talented actress had made a big splash in Pakistani cinema when she starred in Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster hit ‘Bol’.

However, the career of 32-year-old star has been on the ebb in the recent years.