Avail CARES ACT tax relief to help your business

New tax credits can help you sustain COVID-19 shock


The novel coronavirus is taking a toll on almost all professions and businesses, leaving many to see their financial status erode rapidly.

The US government passed a law in March that provides fast and direct assistance to the workers and tax concessions to small businesses and industries.

Your business can also benefit from this over $2 trillion relief package but only if you or your taxman knows how to get it.

Bestselling author and entrepreneur, Jace McDonald has rightly pointed out that while CARES Act was passed months ago, only a small percentage of the qualifying businesses have availed of the tax concessions and credits it offers.

He explains that business owners these days have so much on their plate that they must hire professionals to handle their CPA and tax work.

But over 3,000 changes have hit those professionals since the Trump administration took the charge, making it difficult for them to keep with the pace.

Therefore, very few service providers have been able to provide the right kind of assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners to benefit from CARES Act, according to McDonald.

Care About CARES Act

This is the matter of your economic survival and growth. You can’t say ‘I don’t care’ to CARES Act, even if your business has been having a smooth sale through the muddy water of coronavirus crisis.
Is your tax person a Tax Credit, Tax Incentives and Tax Savings specialist? No?

That’s OK! A team of specialists is offering a FREE analysis for the fastest turnaround to meet the CARES Act deadlines. You don’t need to pay anything to learn how much you qualify for.

The experts will see if you qualify under the Expanded R n D credits, which many professionals like dentists, farmers and manufacturers are unaware of.

If your firm owns commercial real estate, new guidelines have opened within the CARES ACT making it even mor lucrative.

One dentist qualified for $134,000. A Metal Fab received over $1.5 million in overall benefits as their CPA missed the first 15 years of their operation.

Feel free to call the tax credit hotline 608 403 7008 or text at 608 516 1956 to speak with a professional.

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