BTS star Suga again updates fans on his health after shoulder surgery

BTS star Suga

BTS star Suga finally gave an update following his shoulder surgery. The update came after a worried ARMY took to Weverse and uploaded a heartfelt message for Suga.

Almost immediately thereafter Suga took to his own account and explained, “I’m getting shock-wave therapy treatments now…I will be back soon!”

This is not the first time the singer spilled the beans behind his shoulder surgery. A couple of months ago Suga took to Weverse and explained, “Physical therapy is painful, I work hard at it, so you don’t have to worry much.”

Earlier, the rapper held a V Live broadcast on December 28 where he talked about the rehabilitation process after his shoulder surgery in November.

Suga has been away from the spotlight as he recovers from the surgery. He revealed that he cannot use his left arm yet.

“I see your messages here and there.. you don’t have to worry. It’s just upsetting, right? I just can’t use my left arm. I can’t even hold stuff properly. Rock-paper-scissors was possible from just the day after the surgery *laugh*,” Twitter handle @BTStranslation_ translated his statement.

“I can’t raise my arm to 90 degrees yet. It feels like it’s not my arm, like it’s the arm of an infant. Since it doesn’t move well it does hurt a bit. I heard it will take about six months [to recover],” the celebrity added.

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