Cardi B warns Vince McMahon after Raw namedrop

Cardi B

Cardi B has warned WWE boss Vince McMahon of consequences after she was namedropped on ‘Raw’. Cardi B reportedly told McMahon to “count his f***** days”.

The 28-year-old star – who used to be a big wrestling fan – was left baffled after fans started tagging her in posts during Monday night’s (01.04.21) show, before realizing that Torrie Wilson had referred to her during a backstage skit.

After a follower sent the clip in question, she jokingly replied: “WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF …. This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be ! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F***** DAYS !!!! (sic)”

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker was confused by the sudden attention on social media, and asked her fans why she was being tagged “in WWE stuff”.

After admitting she used to be a big fan of WWE but no longer tunes in, she asked people to stop with the tweets.

She added: “Ok nomore wwE tweets I haven’t watched it in years. I was just confused on all the wwe tweets I was getting. Before this last thing I Hurd bout it was about a sexy wrestler name Carmella. (sic)”

Her followers couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask her about her early fandom, and one user wondered if she was a fan of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson during his WWE prime.

However, she replied: “Naaaaa I was still to young when he was on.I started watching when Booka T, Eddie gurrero, triple H, batista, John cena, Edge, Melina ,Trish stratus, [Lita] ETC was on ! (sic)”

When Stratus herself simply said “Cardi knows” in response, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer seemed starstruck.

She gushed: “OMMMMMMMGGGGGG !!!!! B**** I’m gagging !!!! I’m so hype !!! (sic)”

And Cardi – who admitted she also likes ‘The Mandalorian’ star Sasha Banks ‘a lot’ – was overwhelmed when retired wrestler Melina responded to a post referencing her memorable leg split entrance.

She said: “Wow what a great night for me ! I remember your first debut with the two dudes you used to be with ! Just wow ! (sic)”

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