Cute Baby Animals: 20 Photos of Adorable Creatures

Cute Baby Animals Photos

We all love babies, be they of humans or any other species inhabiting the earth. The innocence, tenderness, and harmlessness of babies invoke noble emotions of love and kindness. This is why we not only love human babies but also cute baby animals. Some baby animals are so alluring that only watching them makes your day.

Every species has a different lifespan, size and period of time for reaching the age of majority. A kitten may take a year to become a cat, while a baby elephant takes 20 years to mature. Animals with longer lifespans usually take more time to grow big and mature.

Humans want to see their children grow and shed some baby habits purely because of their survival and growth needs. If we had a choice, many of us might want all babies to stay babies forever for their being so adorable.

Just like human babies, the little ones from among the animal kingdom are innocent, curious, big-eyed, and furrier. Learning survival skills and distinguishing between good and bad, harmless, and harmful takes time.

We are presenting here some of the cutest baby animals – some of which might leave you wondering if they are more attractive even than human babies. Go through these pictures of cute baby animals that will make you go Aww!

The numbering on this list is just for reference as some baby animals at the end of the list are so cute that they deserve to be put at the top.

5 Baby Elephant

1. Cutest Baby Bear


What baby bears eat?

Baby bears are voracious eaters. At the top of the food chain, they are not picky about their diet. They will eat fruits, berries of all kinds, grasses, roots, nuts, tubers, honey, and other foods. The baby bears also eat many insects including beetles, ants, grubs, and termites.

Are baby bears dangerous?

Baby bears often are not dangerous, but in the wild, they could attack in defense if they perceive you as a threat.

As for adults, the black bears can tree their cubs, so they rarely attack humans for the defense of their cubs.

But, if you are anywhere near a mother grizzly’s cubs, she might very well perceive you as a threat. The chances are good that she will just bluff charge and stop well short of physical contact.

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Can you have baby bear as a pet in us?

At least six US states have no restrictions on keeping large cats, primates, and bears. They are Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Some other states also allow keeping all three of these exotic animals as pets on obtaining a permit.

2. Adorable Cheetah Cubs

How many cubs Cheetahs can have?

The next on our list of cute baby animals is Cheetah cubs. The pregnancy period for cheetahs is 93 days, and a female cheetah can deliver one to six cubs. Mostly, there are usually 3 to 5 cubs born at one time. The birth of more than six cubs from a single mother is rare.

How long cheetah cubs stay with their mother?

The cheetah cubs live with their mother for about 18 months. The fatality rate among the Cheetah cubs is high because even under the mother’s watchful eye, around 70% of the cubs are killed by predators like lions and hyenas. The cubs tend to stay together for another 6 to 8 months, after which the female siblings leave the group to live on their own.

How fast a cheetah cub can run?

Like the babies of most other mammals, Cheetah cubs depend on their mom to protect and teach them the skills to survive.

Adult cheetahs are considered the fastest animals on earth and they can run as fast as 70 miles (113 km) per hour. But they start out as little, fluffy creatures weighing only around 5 to 10 ounces – less than a soda can. And while you may have a brother or sister, there are usually 3 to 5 cubs born at one time!

3. Cute Baby Turtle

Just look at this beautiful creature and you will understand why we have listed it among Cute Baby Animals.

How are turtles born?

Baby turtles (or hatchlings) start out as eggs that mother turtles lay in nests on beaches. Once ready to hatch, the babies break out of the egg with the help of an egg tooth (caruncle). After hatching, they slowly move up the sand until they get to the surface and then head to the water.

Are turtles born with shells?

Yes, all turtles and even tortoises are born with a shell, which may be softer than an adult’s shell. However, the shell of a baby turtle still gives adequate protection to the hatchling. Unlike some other animals, turtles and tortoises do not shed their shells to grow a new one when they mature. Instead, the shells grow with the turtle as they mature.

Do these cute baby animals bite?

Be they adults or babies, turtles do bite, even though they may not have teeth. And they bite quite hard. But this mostly happens when you poke around in their faces.

Can baby turtles swim?

Yes, they can swim but if you want to keep them as pets, you need to give them a well-modified pet home. Don’t put them in a fish tank or an aquarium, because the baby turtles also need to walk out of the water from time to time.

Why do baby turtles die?

As with some other cute baby animals, baby turtles often die, especially in captivity. The softening of their shells is one of the most common reasons for their death. Like many other diurnal species of reptiles, aquatic turtles need UVB rays to process calcium in their diet. Temperature and lighting are the two most crucial aspects of turtle care.

4. Cute Baby Raccoon

Raccoons are wild but they love living near human populations. Their babies are loved by most of us so we have included them on our list of cute baby animals.

Are baby raccoons dangerous?

Baby raccoons are also on our list of cute baby animals but the key question here is: are they dangerous? It’s normal for raccoons to be active during the day. If you see baby raccoons playing or encounter an adult raccoon that seems friendly, let them be. Raccoons are wild animals and when they feel cornered or threatened, they can be dangerous.

Moreover, even though baby raccoons are small and frail, they can still carry rabies and other diseases. Baby raccoons living near humans can also bite and scratch when handled.

Can baby raccoons survive without their mother?

Raccoons are sensitive creatures. Baby raccoons rely heavily on their mother for food and shelter. If you spot a baby raccoon alone, you should call the animal care department in your area to take care of those cute baby animals, instead of trying to handle them yourself. And if no help is available, let them live where they are and give them food for a few weeks so they grow old enough to live alone. Otherwise, they won’t survive without their mother.

5. Cute Kitten

When talking of cute baby animals, how could we miss adorable kittens.

Why are kittens so cute?

Most of the baby animals are helpless and need constant care. But Kittens are not much helpless, though they look so and receive kindness and care from human beings. We are attracted so much to kittens because they are soft, adorable, and have baby-like features. Moreover, they attract attention and love because they are quite active and playful.

Does a pet baby cat demand any special care?

During the first few weeks of their life, a kitten’s primary concerns are feeding, keeping warm, and developing social skills. Mostly, humans don’t need to intervene as the mother cat can perform all her duties. But, if a kitten has been separated from their mother for any reason, caring for them is up to you.

How to feed a newborn kitten?

For the first four weeks of life, a mother cat’s milk provides everything a kitten needs. But if you have a newborn kitten who has been separated from their mother, consult a veterinarian, or foster caregiver to help you find a new mother cat that could nurse the orphaned baby. If that is not possible, consult with your veterinarian or a caregiver to learn the proper way to bottle-feed with a milk replacer. Do not give regular cow’s milk to cats of any age as it is not easily digestible.

What food kittens take besides milk?

When the kitten is three to four weeks old, you can begin to offer milk replacer in a shallow bowl. And, then introduce a moist, easily chewable diet.

You can use warmed milk replacer and dry kitten food to make gruel for the baby cat and serve it in a shallow bowl. You need to feed the kittens several times a day. By 5 weeks old, they would get used to the new diet.

By 6 to 7 weeks old, they would start chewing dry food and you will no longer need to moisten it. By around eight weeks of age, kittens are usually fully weaned.

6. Beautiful Baby Seal (Black and White)

This cute baby seal should have been at the top of our list of cute baby animals.

Can you have a baby seal as a pet?

Seals are essentially wild animals and humans make very poor mothers for baby seals. Moreover, seals can be extremely dangerous as they can bite and cause serious infections to you or your pets.

Also, marine mammals are protected by certain laws in most countries which make it illegal to touch, harass or catch them, or alter their normal behavioral patterns in any way. Violations can result in heavy fines and even arrest.

What if seal bites you?

If you are bitten by a seal, small of big, you need to seek treatment as the bite can cause a severe infection making it hard for people to use their hands. According to a 2009 report, a seal bite can cause a bacterial skin infection, called cellulitis, which causes the skin to become swollen, red, and tender. The infection then progresses and causes joint damage.

7. Adorable Baby Monkey

Next on our list of cute baby animals is the baby of a creature that is most human like in both appearance and characteristics.

Can you have a baby monkey as a pet?

Monkeys are not good pets, though some of them can be quite sweet for a time. But monkeys need too much attention and care to thrive in a human house.

More importantly, monkeys – weather babies or adults – can bite you and your pets and cause dangerous infections.

Monkeys are also capable of causing too much harm and destruction as they are hyperactive and would mess with everything around them.

What do these cute baby animals eat?

Baby monkeys can be fed human baby formula milk from a bottle. When they get older, the consistency can be thickened with rice and ground monkey biscuits. Once the baby is ready for solid foods, they can be fed chopped fruits and vegetables.

8. Pretty Little Kids (Baby Goat)

Next on the list of cute baby animals is baby goat. Baby goat is also called a kid. A nanny can have a single kid or twins.

What do baby goats eat?

Generally speaking, about 15% of a baby goat’s diet should be weeds, pasture or hay pellets (in a more digestible form). Only about 5% should be grain (known as goat feed).

If your baby goat has been orphaned at the time of their birth, you need to bottle feed them and don’t give them anything but milk.

At one week, start giving a baby goat small amounts of grain to help start their rumen development.

At one month, offer fresh water, hay, small amounts of grain, and pasture time. Also, start decreasing the amount of milk you offer until the baby goat starts eating like adult goats.

9. Cute Baby Giraffe

10. Cute Chicks

Cute Chicken

11. Cute Baby Elephant

cute baby elephant

12. Cute Duckling

cute duckling

13. Cute Baby Panda

Cute baby panda

14. Cute Baby Rhino

cute baby rhino

15. Cute Baby Fox

cute baby fox

16. Cute Lamb

cute lamb

17. Cute Baby Zebra

cute baby zebra

18. Cute Baby Hedgehog

cute baby hedgehog

19. Cute Baby Squirrel

cute baby squirrel

20. Cute Red Panda

cute baby red panda

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