Disha Patani: Secret behind her killer looks and super hot figure

Disha Patani

Disha Patani is one of the most popular stars of Bollywood who made her film debut with sports biopic MS Dhoni: The Untold Story in 2016.

But only few people know that the actress had started her acting career from a Telugu film.

Since her entry to the center stage, Disha has given several hit films in Bollywood and she keeps slaying the Hindi film industry with her killer looks and moving moves.

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She has not only become the national crush but is loved by millions of others across the world.

Disha is a very talented woman and a smart actress who always entertains her fans, who just go crazy to watch for her beautiful looks.

Disha Patani also starred in a Chinese action-comedy Kung Fu Yoga in 2017, which became the highest-grossing Chinese film.

The secret behind Disha Patani’s sexy figure

Disha Patani has a well-toned figure, which makes her look hot, rather erotic, in all her outfits.

We all know that gaining and maintaining a properly shaped figure is an uphill task. But Disha Patani knows the secret and she is successful in achieving a toned figure that she won’t shy to flaunt whenever she has an opportunity.

But, as for keeping a sexy shape, knowing something is not enough, you have to live it. The actress is therefore seen hitting the gym and following her diet plan regularly.

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She never fails to do her workout sessions. She is very particular about her fitness habits, and her seriousness has enabled her to achieve the sexy figure that she has.

Disha has also shared her diet plan and workout routine on social media, and she believes that without workout and proper diet, one can never be in a toned figure.

Disha Patani’s Diet Plan

The hot and sexy actress has already established herself as a youth sensation. But her diet plan makes her even cooler as she doesn’t take her diet for granted.

Disha follows a strict routine that involves foods that are rich in protein and vitamins.

Her typical breakfast includes two-three eggs, toast, milk, and juice. Sometimes the star changes it to a bowl of cereal and milk.

Disha Patani makes sure that her lunch is a mix of carbs and protein so mostly, rice and chicken work the best for her. She also makes fresh fruits and juices a part of her lunch.

She keeps having almonds and peanuts as her mid-day snacks.

For dinner, she focuses on protein and prefers vegetable salads, brown rice, and dal. Sometimes, she would even consume a bowl of eggs.

Also, she drinks a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

But Disha’s diet is not all salads and soups. She does have her share of fun with food.

In one of her interviews, Disha Patani shared that she loves the food in Delhi-NCR. She has lived in Delhi for six months while she was doing her B Tech in Noida. However, in the second year, she decided to drop out.

In another interview, Disha revealed that she has a weakness for desserts and she just can’t do without it.

She revealed that she does have a cheat day when she sits down and eats whatever she likes. She believes that this keeps her motivated throughout the week and work harder.

Disha Patani’s Workout Plan

Disha’s fitness routine includes yoga, dancing, pilates, swimming, and weight training. She considers dance an important component of her fitness regime.

While working in Kung Fu Yoga alongside international superstar Jackie Chan, Disha Patani learned a new dance form ‘Square dancing’ and she loved it. She says she loved the calming, fun and fitness effects of it.

Disha is also a trained gymnast. She goes to the gym 4 days a week and she hates to miss her gym sessions. She does cardio but also focuses big time on weight training. The actress also practices yoga for an hour in the morning.

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Everyone’s inspired by Disha Patani when it comes to maintaining abs. In an interview, she accepted that maintaining abs is one of the most tough things to do because one day you could have abs and the next day, they are gone. She does abs-specific workouts to keep them in shape. She believes that a combination of rigorous workout and a healthy diet is must to maintain abs.

When it comes to a workout playlist, Disha prefers popular commercial songs as they can set the mood right and make you enjoy the workout.

She keeps trying new ways to exercise and her Instagram is proof of that.

In her previous interviews, Disha has also accepted that she is very impatient as a person so she prefers moving her body over meditating.