India backing terrorism in Pakistan and sabotaging CPEC

FM Qureshi and ISPR chief present dossier detailing New Delhi's involvement in terror attacks in Pakistan


India backing terrorism in Pakistan and sabotaging CPEC

Islamabad on Saturday accused India of backing terrorism in Pakistan and sabotaging the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar, in a joint media conference, categorically stated that India was behind terrorism in Pakistan, adding that Islamabad has solid proof of New Delhi’s subversive activities.

Qureshi condemned the recent ceasefire violations by India across the Line of Control (LoC) and said the purpose of the presser was to show “the real face of India” to the world.

“Today we have irrefutable facts that we will present before the nation and international community through this dossier.”

Dossier on India’s Sponsorship of Terrorism

The duo presented a dossier detailing India’s involvement in terror attacks in Pakistan during the media conference.

Multiple video clips and audio clips, along with documents, were presented during the media conference of Indian handlers and terrorists communicating with each other and Indian intelligence handlers passing on instructions to terrorists in Pakistan.

“You can see a pattern of constant ceasefire violations,” said the country’s top diplomat, adding that the dossier contains many details and some of them will be used at the “time of need”.

He said while Pakistan was combatting terrorism on its soil, India was using its soil to surround Pakistan “in a web of terrorism”. “India can not tolerate Pakistan’s success against terrorism.”

The foreign minister said during recent months, India has tried its best to fan terrorism across Pakistan. “Indian intelligence agencies are today supporting terrorist groups defeated and outlawed by Pakistan.”

He added that the country has information and evidence of India promoting terrorism in Pakistan and “has developed a plan to destabilise Pakistan”.

Qureshi warned that in the coming months, there will be an upsurge in terrorist activities in Pakistan and the focus will be on the major urban centres of the country. “We have irrefutable evidence,” said the foreign minister.

He named two Indian intelligence agencies, RAW and DIA, which are financing, training and harbouring terrorists. “The objective is state terrorism and instability in Pakistan.”

“The first objective is to disrupt Pakistan’s path towards peace and for the same, sub-nationalism is being promoted in Gilgit-Baltistan, erstwhile Fata and Balochistan.”

He said the second objective is to disrupt Pakistan’s economy and India is trying to spread chaos in the country to restrict Pakistan from achieving a stable economy. “The third objective is to create political instability in Pakistan.”

Qureshi elaborated that New Delhi has distributed Rs22 billion for the purpose of promoting and carrying out terror activities in Pakistan.

Referring to the dossier, the foreign minister said it shows the clear deepening of the nexus between India and terrorist outfits. “India is sabotaging CPEC as they know the project’s success can be an economic gamechanger for Pakistan.”

He further said New Delhi has established a cell in its intelligence agency with the sole objective of disrupting CPEC projects. “The cell works under the supervision of the Indian prime minister and its mandate is to disrupt CPEC projects. A sum of Rs80bn has been allocated for this purpose.”

“There are also reports that India has established a 700-strong militia to target CPEC projects.” Qureshi further said that the country is prepared and has established and deployed two security divisions to safeguard the projects and the personnel working on them.

Qureshi further said New Delhi tried to promote subversive activities in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) in the run up to elections in the region through sub-nationalists. “We also know about their intentions after the polls conclude.”

India Using Afghan Land To Supervise Terrorist Activities

Major General Babar Iftikhar, giving details of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, said India embraced all terrorist organizations soon after they were uprooted from Pakistan.

“I shall cover the details of Indian machinations for Pakistan’s destabilization and economic coercion by presenting evidence in the domains of funding terrorism, weapons and equipment support to terrorists, terrorist training and terrorist activities.”

The military spokesperson said the recent upsurge in violence in Pakistan is a direct consequence of New Delhi’s “intensified engagements with all brands of terrorists, sub-nationalists and dissidents operating against Pakistan”.

“After the unification of TTP with its breakaway factions (JuA and HuA) in August 2020, India is endeavouring to establish a consortium of TTP with proscribed dissident organisations of Balochistan (BLA, BLF and BRA) which are already united under the banner of BRAS (Baloch Raaji Aajoie Sangar) constituted in 2018.

Elaborating further, Maj Gen Iftikhar said an Indian intelligence officer, Colonel Rajesh employed at Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, is the master planner and a letter reveals that he has held four meetings with commanders of these terror outfits “to synergize their efforts and upscale terrorist activities in metropolitan cities in November and December 2020”.

He further said that India is trying to establish a linkage between Pakistan and the militant Islamic State (IS) by creating ‘Daesh-e-Pakistan’.

“Recently, 30 Indian Daesh militants were relocated from India to various camps along Pakistan-Afghanistan border by two Indian intelligence agencies operatives. These militants were handed over to Daesh Commander Shiekh Abdul Rahim alias Abdul Rehman Muslim Dost.”

“Uncontrivable evidence reveals that Indian embassies and consulates operating along Pakistan’s borders have become a hub of terror sponsorship against Pakistan,” said the military spokesperson.

The military spokesperson said Indian ambassadors to Afghanistan have regularly supervised various terrorist activities. “In one such instance, Indian ambassador to Afghanistan and Indian consular in Jalalabad had detailed discussions with collaborators to provide financial support to TTP and dissident Baloch elements.”

For sabotaging CPEC, India raised a militia of 700 militants to conduct terror activities in Balochistan, said Maj Gen Iftikhar. “A commission comprising 24 members was created which included 10 RAW operatives. $60 million dollars were dedicated for this force.”

He added that the Indian mission in Afghanistan has paid handsome amounts to sub-nationalists under the garb of humanitarian assistance and projects. The spokesperson also gave details of the transactions for such activities.

Iftikhar further said that India’s RAW also funded Altaf Hussain, as revealed by the confessional statement of Sarfraz Merchant and Tariq Mir, through two Indian companies.

“India has also been providing weapons and ammunition to Altaf Hussain Group; weapons worth $0.62 million were provided to Altaf Hussain Group on one such occasion. Confessional statement of Ajmal Pahari validates it.”

DG ISPR added that Pahari had confessed that India had established four training camps for the group’s militants in India, with training for militants lasting between 15 days to four months and “it was confirmed that 40 AHG terrorists had received training at India who used to travel to New Delhi through a third country”. 

Weapons Supply To Terrorists By India

Besides funding terrorists and their activities in Pakistan, India also provided direct weapon and equipment support to terrorists in Pakistan.

“Recently, a RAW sponsored network of six terrorists has been unearthed which has linkages with an attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange and is also involved in the delivery of suicide jackets to various terrorist groups operating in Pakistan besides undertaking terrorist activities.”

Maj Gen Iftikhar added that the network, comprising two RAW frontmen and four Afghan terrorists, has been exposed and is also involved in target killing of Ulema, police officials and notables.

Giving details of the amounts paid to terrorists for carrying out attacks in Pakistan, Maj Gen Iftikhar said Rs10 million was paid by RAW for a suicide attack or a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) and Rs1 million for an IED attack and targetted assassination. “Security forces have also intercepted a huge cache of suicide jackets, IEDs, explosives, weapons & ammunition.”

He further added that there is evidence of multi-purpose base camps being utilised by India for training, harbouring and launching of terrorist attacks against Pakistan.

“Indian intelligence agencies are managing 87 such terrorists’ camps out of which 66 are located in Afghanistan whereas 21 are located in India.” He gave the example of the attack on PC Gwadar and said an officer of RAW, Anurag Singh, planned the attack and $0.5 million dollars were allocated by Indian intelligence for the attack.

“The attack was masterminded by Dr Allah Nazar (DAN) and Aslam Achoo. Both the individuals have travelled to India on fake Afghan passports. Aslam Achoo remained admitted in Indian hospital while he travelled under the cover name of Abdul Hamid. His passport having double entry visa stamped by India.”

Nazar had travelled to India on fake documents under the cover name of Haji Nabi and is the main conduit between various terrorist groups in Balochistan and RAW handlers, said the spokesperson.

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