Modi spells out offensive-defensive military doctrine for India

Says India will take the battle to the enemy or extinguish the threat to India at the source


Modi spells out offensive-defensive military doctrine for India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated to take the battle to the enemy or extinguish the threat to India at the points of origin, meaning that instead of reacting to enemy action, his country would carry out preemptive military actions.

Addressing the tri-services at Longewala, Rajasthan, on Saturday, Modi spelled out the Indian war strategy at a very troubling time, when the morale of the Indian military is at its lowest after getting a beating by neighbors – first by China and recently by Pakistan.

Modi said that India is willing to understand or make the adversary understand but there will be fiery retaliation if the enemy tries to test its military might. Simply put, India is not seeking confrontation but will stand its ground in case it is confronted.

Indian media reports observed that this is the new offensive-defensive military doctrine for India, which coupled with the building of airborne and expeditionary force projection capability, will ensure that future battles are not fought on Indian soil.

The Indian PM skipped the East Asia Summit to be with Indian troops on Diwali Day and deputed External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on his behalf.

Without naming China, PM Modi took on the alleged expansionist policies of the present Chinese regime by saying that it was a product of 18th century twisted mindset and that India would firmly oppose it.

By saying this Modi tried to counter the Chinese description of rapidly emerging QUAD, with US, Japan and Australia as other members, as a product of the Cold War mindset.

Recent Military Defeats

Starting in June, the border skirmishes with China in the Ladakh region came as a heavy blow to India. The Indian military was badly defeated in the skirmishes and New Delhi lost large swathes of land to Beijing.

That standoff is not resolved yet and India is struggling with keeping its troops at the high altitude areas where snowfall has made things worst since the onset of winter.

Last week, freedom fighters in the Indian Occupied Kashmir caused considerable loss to its troops.
To boost the morale of its troops and the nation, India resorted to heavy shelling across the LoC. Shelling along this de facto border in Kashmir is nothing new and Pakistani troops often respond to such ceasefire violations with proportionate retaliatory fire. But this time Pakistani troops gave a strong reply to the Indian firing, causing heavy losses to the enemy.

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