Qavi loses Mufti title after Hareem Shah episode

Mufti Qavi

The family of Mufti Abdul Qavi has restricted his movement and isolated him in his house, besides stripping him of Mufti title.

Mufti Qavi’s uncle Abdul Wahid Nadeem told a press conference on Friday that Abdul Qavi had been used by different people over the years for media attention.

“We are from a respected family involved in religious teaching through Darul Uloom Obaidia in Multan. We are doing the sacred task without any sectarian divide,” he said.

“With a heavy heart, I announce that we have withdrawn the title of Mufti (scholar) from him. He should not be addressed as Mufti anymore as he has damaged our family and its respect. We have seized his mobile phones and now he is under treatment for a mental illness he is suffering from,” he said.

Dr Hafiz Abdul Kabir, a personal physician of the scholar, said Qavi’s “thoughts were not in his control. Now we will try to keep him away from public eye. He has been isolated in his house,” he said.

Abdul Qavi is in the spotlight again after he was slapped by TikTok star Hareem Shah who filmed the act and uploaded it on social media. Later she accused him of sexual harassment.

Earlier in 2016, he remained a central figure in model Qandeel Baloch murder investigation.

Hareem Shah claimed on Thursday that she and her cousin beat up Mufti Abdul Qavi for “physically harassing” them.

“We asked for tea through waiter and went inside to serve him tea,” she told a news channel. “He physically harassed both of us.”

A few days ago, a video went viral in which a girl was seen slapping Mufti Qavi. Hareem Shah revealed that it was her cousin named Aisha who slapped the cleric.

In the video, Qavi can be seen sitting on a bed, engrossed in a mobile phone, when a woman, dressed in red, startles him by slapping him across the face.

Aisha said Hareem Shah hit Mufti Qavi with her shoe and she slapped him afterwards.

“He said some derogatory things that enraged me so I slapped him without thinking or understanding anything,” Aisha claimed.

She said she was with Hareem Shah and wasn’t expecting the cleric to use such language.

“I took off my shoe and hit him on the head but he felt no embarrassment,” Hareem Shah said. She recorded the video of her cousin slapping Mufti Qavi later, she said. Hareem Shah admitted that it was her “plan” to beat him.

Hareem Shah is a highly shadowy character who keeps creating controversies and doing cheep publicity stunts from time to time to keep in news.

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